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Welcome To Avantua - Medical
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Welcome to Avantua – Medical

Avantua – Medical, Currently covering a network of over 150 manufacturers in the field of medical supplies and medical disposables, Avantua is a wholesaler of medical supplies and equipment. We strive to provide the best quality products, from the industry most reliable sources.

We do all the groundwork, and you focus on business. We source the highest quality medical products from respected suppliers, from regions of South East Asia and Europe, continually seeking new and improved products suitable for the Australian markets and continues to expand both our product range. We also strive to maintain a high level of customer service and product satisfaction.

We believe in healthcare professionals and value the essential work you do. Our focus is on providing a one-stop-shop or Online store for the best healthcare products, everything we do starts with you in mind, and your role in patient care. Our experienced, professional team have the experience and knowledge in the medical wholesaling sector. We believe that service is what matters! Call us today or email for all your medical Consumables and experience what a difference quality service makes to your day.

Our buying guides

Choosing the right sterilizer

What are the different sterilization procedures?
What are the different classes of autoclaves?
When are sterilizers used?

Choosing the right medical laser

How to choose a medical laser?
What are medical lasers used for?
What effect does a laser beam have on the body?

Choosing the right blood glucose meter

How do blood glucose meters work?
What are the most important features of a blood glucose meter?
What are the measurement principles of a blood glucose meter?

Choosing a surgical mask or respirator

How to choose a surgical mask or respirator?
Why choose a surgical mask?
Why choose a respirator?

Choosing the right medical thermometer

How to choose a medical thermometer?
What technical characteristics should be taken into account when choosing a medical thermometer?
What are the differences between the measurement points?

Choosing the right ventilator

How does artificial ventilation work?
What are the main uses of a breathing ventilator?
What are the main ventilation modes?

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